Millions of Filipino Americans are getting off the political fence come November 6, promising to make both the Republican and Democratic camps in the US presidential election notice the swing vote they have neglected courting.


About a week ago, I graduated from college. From Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, to be exact. The last 4 years of my life have been neatly wrapped up in one diploma.


For the past five years, Louisiana has consistently ranked in the top 5 percent of obese states in the nation. But Louisianans can lose pounds if individuals, communities and policymakers all collaborate to enact a statewide plan, local health experts say


Dr. Mark Alain Déry was at the state Capitol on May 15 waiting on “pins and needles” for the state House Education Committee to decide on a bill requiring the teaching of sex education in Louisiana public schools.


People with West Nile fever may also exhibit potentially lethal symptoms in their brains and spinal cords, according to a study published in June in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Muscle and Nerve.


On the heels of the deaths of two elderly Louisianians from the West Nile virus, state health experts are warning that the state of Louisiana could see a spike in the number of fatalities from the disease this year after several quiet years.


Sitting in his suede upholstered throne, Bruce Davenport preaches about a topic that might be considered too hot to talk about in church. On this particular day, Davenport, pastor of St. John No. 5 Faith Church, is holding forth on the subject of condoms — the glow-in-the-dark kind.


Six new cases of West Nile virus have been confirmed in Louisiana, bringing the total number of cases this year to 10.


The best way to treat something, the saying goes, is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Especially when it comes to cancer, for which treatment remains elusive.


An HIV diagnosis comes with a litany of potential co-infections and diseases, but hepatitis C is one of the most common — and least understood.


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